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The EDU Station



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In this price, you will get the following:

✅ Tickets to the 3-day Sell Your Lesson Plan Intensive Bootcamp on October 27 to 29, 2023 via Zoom where I teach you the following:

Day 1: Create.

October 27, 2023. 7PM onwards


  • How to create professional, high-quality, ready-to-sell learning materials within HOURS.
  • How to enhance your material’s interactive, multimedia element using digital videos, pdfs, and worksheets.
  • How to get organized online using project management and asset library tools.
  • How to easily distribute materials to your learners through our cloud-based platform.
  • How to stay current with industry trends and updates to ensure your learning materials stay relevant.
  • How to manage your time effectively to create learning materials while also having time to run day-to-day operations.
  • How to manage the production and distribution of the learning materials you’re selling.
  • How to empower your learners with self-paced and in-demand learning options.
  • How to get ideas for your next profitable learning materials to sell.
  • How to create learning materials that will appeal to learners’ different learning styles and backgrounds.
  • Pricing strategies to increase AOV (average order value)

Day 2: Publish. 

October 28, 2023. 7PM onwards

  • How to ensure that your learning materials are delivered in a format that’s accessible and user-friendly to customers.
  • The secrets to cost management and learning materials distribution.
  • How to ensure that your learning materials are compatible with different devices and platforms.
  • How to ensure that your learning materials are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.
  • How to provide ongoing support and resources to customers who have purchased the learning materials.
  • How to make sure that your learning materials are concise and easy to understand.
  • How to ensure the secrecy and privacy of your learning materials including the data of your customers.
  • How to create a system for updating and maintaining the inventory of your learning materials over time.

Day 3: Earn.

October 29, 2023. 7PM onwards

  • The one “hack” to continue earning from your learning materials with or without an online store.
  • Say goodbye to the struggle of distribution by using tech and online tools.
  • The “piggyback method” on how to sell money online even with ZERO following!
  • How to overcome competition even in a saturated market.
  • How to target the right audience for your learning materials.
  • How to build trust and credibility for potential customers.
  • How to price learning materials competitively while still maintaining profitability.
  • How to manage and fulfill customer orders and deliveries in a timely and efficient manner.
  • How to create an effective sales and marketing strategy to promote the learning materials.
  • How to manage customer reviews and feedback to improve learning materials and increase customer satisfaction.
  • How to navigate and comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to online sales.


This class alone can potentially 2x, 3x, 5x your investment, and more!

But of course, to overdeliver, you will also get these bonuses:

60-minute 1-on-1 consultation with me (first 10 enrollees only).

Unlimited access to a private Facebook Group Community where you can ask questions, celebrate wins, get feedback on your learning materials business.

Personalized Ecommerce Selling Marketing Planner to write down your short-term goals and the daily tasks you can do to achieve them.

Vision Board Kit to manifest and attract the life of your dreams!

1-Year Marketing Calendar specifically meant for the Early Childhood industry

25 Email Marketing Templates you can use for your own business

All the recordings, slides, worksheets, and checklists on our 3-day Sell Your Lesson Plan Intensive Bootcamp.


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