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Substraction workbook

Substraction workbook

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Price: $9.99 (Physical copy), $7.99 (Digital copy)

Brand: The EDU - Station

Material: regular

No. of Pages:  varies

Product Details: 

Simple and Straightforward. 

An excellent way for toddlers to practice their subtraction skills.

Make sure that  their understanding of the concepts is strong before moving on to the next lesson.

A great tool to teach subtraction. We made sure to include quite a number of practice problems so that they can solve problems as many as they need to develop mastery.

Available in physical or digital copy so you will have complete flexibility on how to use this workbook to supplement your lessons. 

Great buy if you want your children to have subtraction concepts and problems they can work on independently. 

Short and sweet. Ideally suited for the short attention spans of toddlers. It was made exactly with them in mind. It’s something that they can do with or without supervision, so it’s a great way to keep them occupied (high five for busy parents). 

Whether you’re using this as a lesson tool, a teaching supplement, or a homeschooling material, it’s definitely worth the educational investment. 


Every time you buy from us, you help send Ma’ya and Ja’Shawn to college.

 Our family-owned business has one goal: through our products, we will be able to raise funds so that our kids will not be burdened by college debt once they go to school. 

All the profits we raise in this endeavor will be channeled to their college savings fund. 

Thank you so much for supporting our business!

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