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You will save up to 66% - 80% on your curriculum expenses when you buy our educational materials.

We are the allies of every cost-conscious parent/daycare owner out there who are on the lookout for ways to start cutting back and make their business more profitable. 

We do this by making sure that our educational materials are 3x to 5x cheaper than packaged kits. This way, owners can reuse their curriculums without the burden of renewing expensive subscriptions. 

This is in line with our mission: “Make every daycare owner’s business more profitable by providing them with quality yet affordable and reusable educational materials they can use in any curriculum.”

Open-ended and process-oriented quality learning materials. 

Aside from being affordable and reusable, we also made sure that our materials cut back the time it takes for teachers to plan their lessons.

We believe that learning is not about creating the perfect cookie-cutter project, instead, it should be interest-based and open-ended. Thus, our activities are mostly process-oriented so students can do them with minimal help.

Every suitcase comes with a teacher’s guide and ready-made weekly lesson plans too so students are always guaranteed a great class time even with zero planning!

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All profits from the store go directly to Ma’ya & JaShawn’s college fund. 

This way, you are not only saving money for your daycare, you are also helping a little girl and boy realize their dream without the burden of college debt!


The ugly truth about the cost of packaged curriculums...

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An average daycare center would spend about $1000 - $5000 annually on packaged curriculum subscriptions. The subscription price goes up as the number of students increases.

Many think that the price of a quality packaged curriculum is something you cannot do away with.

That great, well-prepared lessons, the ones which do not require the teacher to do most of the work always expensive so you have no choice but to put up with the cost even though it bores a deep hole into your pockets.

What many of you don’t realize is that curriculums are mostly expensive not because of the lessons they contain but because of the overprized learning materials that come along with them. 

That’s right. 

You could’ve paid 3x to 5x LESS and save about 60% to 80% on your annual curriculum expenses if only these learning materials are reasonably priced.

But no. 

This is actually far from the truth.

motor skills
preschool activity

The establishments are very happy to charge you way more than the regular price on their products because they know you have no choice but to buy.

But what if you don’t have to do that anymore?

What if there’s now a way to maintain quality, stress-free, planned-for-you lessons without the expensive cost?

This is where Tiny Tigers EDU - Station comes in...

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Tiny Tigers EDU - Station

Affordable and Reusable Educational Materials. Perfect for any curriculum! 

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