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Affordable and Reusable Educational Materials. Perfect for any curriculum! 

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You will save up to 66% - 80% on your curriculum expenses when you buy our educational materials.

Our goal is to cut the costs for parents, teachers, and daycare owners' expenses on learning materials. 

We do this by making sure that our educational materials are priced lower than market value. This way, owners can reuse their curriculums without the burden of renewing expensive subscriptions. 

Our mission: “Make every daycare owner’s business more profitable by providing them with quality yet affordable and reusable educational materials they can use in any curriculum.”

The EDU-Station Store: Let's Go Kit

The EDU-Station Store offers: The Let's Go Kits. Inside are fun educational materials that cut back the time it takes to plan their lessons.

We believe that learning is not about creating the perfect cookie-cutter project, instead, it should be interest-based and hands-on with minimal help. 


The ugly truth about the cost of packaged curriculums...

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An average daycare center would spend about $1000 - $5000 annually on packaged curriculum subscriptions. The subscription price goes up as the number of students increases.

Curriculums are mostly expensive, not because of the lessons they contain, but because of the overpriced learning materials that come along with them. 

Save about 60% to 80% on your annual curriculum expense with the EDU-Station Store Products!

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The EDU-Station Store has quality, stress-free, planned-for-you lessons without the expensive cost.


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All profits from the store go directly to Ma’ya & JaShawn’s college fund. 

You are not only saving money for your daycare, you are also helping a little girl and boy realize their dream without the burden of college debt!