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Frequently asked questions


What ages are the lessons designed for?

  • Our educational materials are perfect for preschool learners (1-5 years old), but elementary students in Grades 1 to 3 will also enjoy them.

Do the activities change each year?

  • No. Activities don’t change, but you have a lot to choose from. Each of these activities is available all year round, so you can have plenty of options when you want to reuse your curriculum. 

What are the advantages of availing of a TTES subscription plan?

  • Subscribing to TTES will provide you with a lot of advantages. We consider them members of our exclusive family so not only will they have first dibs on all future promos and sales, they will also be prioritized in terms of customer services, training, and events in the future.

How long does it take to complete each activity?

  • Generally, each activity can be done in one lesson, but there are others that you can expand for a week or in the case of seasonal themes and months.

Is it true that I can save 66% to 80% of my curriculum expenses when I subscribe to TTES?

  • Oh yes! Definitely.
  • TTES’s educational materials are 3x to 5x cheaper than the competition, thus allowing you to save 66% to 80% on your curriculum expenses. 
  • It is perfect for daycare owners and parents who already have curriculums for their center and no longer want to pay for expensive curriculum subscriptions just to keep the lessons going.

Are all the materials for the art/craft projects included?

  • Yes, they are included. Each material and lesson are sold separately, so you have to purchase them one by one. 
  • This is done so owners and parents can pick which materials they want to get the best value for their money