Tigers EDU - Station

Hi, I am Lashon Carter and I founded Tiny Tigers EDU -Station.

In TTES, our mission is simple:
“Make every daycare owner’s business more profitable by providing them with quality yet affordable and reusable educational materials they can use in any curriculum.”

Having spent more than 2 decades in different teaching and administrative roles in early childhood education, I’ve had the privilege to be exposed to all the different types of curriculum that are available today.

Whether it’s free or paid, packaged and pre-planned or downloadable, we tried it on our school.

This exposure led me to realize two important truths:

Time is a luxury among teachers

Even if they are capable of creating their own curriculums, the creation of it demands so much of their time weekly so they still can’t do away with packaged ones.

Packaged curriculums are indeed overpriced.

This is something that many daycare owners have long suspected because The Establishments know full well the issue of time among teachers. 

They know many of us barely had time to create, so we have no choice but to buy despite the cost.

I had this epiphany in 2014 when my 5-year-old daughter Maya developed severe eczema she could not go to class.

We tried a lot of home remedies, but when she ended up in the emergency room for her eczema, I knew that she had to be taught at home.

At first, I was confident. My work experience allowed me to have so much exposure to different types of curriculum I can use for my daughter so I spent a fortune on coloring books and supplies, but in the end, all we got is a filled-in coloring book that my daughter spent all of two minutes on and a bored, unfulfilled child. I realized I need a wide range of educational materials.

So I went through boxes containing years of different curriculums purchased amounting to several thousand dollars if added. 

It was there then that I realized that many of these lessons are still usable or can be modified with very little effort but we are still paying for and subscribing to expensive curriculums every year. 

It’s not because of the lessons. It’s because of the kits.

It’s perfectly understandable why.

You can purchase these kits on your local store. But buying each of them and collecting them, then assembling your own supplies and materials would take too much time and energy, it’s just too much hassle, so we opted to pay.

It was then that I knew something had to change, not only in my own home but in the education industry as a whole. 

that realization gave birth to Tiny Tigers EDU - Station

With TTES, you can actually slash more than half of what you spend simply by switching from package curriculum -- to buying your own educational materials.

This is perfect for established home and center owners who already have a collection of curriculums (free or paid) they’ve accumulated through the years.

We know you don’t need another curriculum…

What you need are educational materials that will help you execute that curriculum!

And that’s where TTES comes in! 

Tiny Tigers EDU - Station comes from a mother and an educator, as a loving gift to families all over the US and beyond.

The supplies and materials were created by someone who knows the system inside and out and understands how to get the best out of kids in time for their next big stage.

With Tiny Tigers EDU - Station, your toddler will feel prepared for their next phase.

With Tiny Tigers EDU - Station, you will find relief financially without sacrificing your programs’ quality!

And the best part about this?

My daughter, Maya is my partner in this.

We’ve made her own little desk, and she helps out whenever she can.

And with every purchase you make in TTES, part of the profit goes to Maya and Ja’Shawn’s college fund.

This way, you are not only making a purchase. You are also helping two kids make their dreams come true without the burden of college debt!

It’s time to find joy in learning again.

All aboard the Tiny Tigers EDU - Station!

 LaShon and Ma’ya Carter