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Phonics Flashcard

Phonics Flashcard

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Hands-On Phonics Practice: Make language arts learning fun for early learners with Phonics Flash Cards! Introduce and reinforce basic phonetic sounds and sight words to preschoolers—first-grade students with fun, hands-on phonics practice.

What’s Included: The learning flashcards includes 54 double-sided cards covering 52 essential phonetic sounds. Each card features a colorful illustration and a list of word examples for each sound on the back. Bonus cards include extension games.

How It Works: The kids flashcards help to teach essential phonetic sounds and sight words associated with each. Use the back of each card for word examples. Use the resource cards to utilize new, fun ways to bring learning to life for your child.

Working Together: Phonics flash cards are ideal for homeschooling, small group instruction, and classroom learning, setting kids up for reading success wherever they are. Each card is made with rounded edges for easy sorting during practice.

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