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St. Patricks Day


Price: $9.99 (Physical copy), $7.99 (Digital copy)

Brand: The EDU - Station

Material: regular

No. of Pages:  varies

Product Details: 

Teaching about St. Patrick’s Day has become much easier using this workbook.

As the world turns green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, you can do the same in your academic curriculum too. 

Teach your children about three-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and of course, the miracles and divinity of St. Patrick using this workbook. 

Aside from the information, your children will also experience engaging coloring and other activities such as:

  • Pen control practice activities
  • Shapes identification
  • Tracing activities
  • and so much more!

Color the world green, celebrate and learn about St. Patrick’s Day using this workbook as your help!


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