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Valentines Celebration

Valentines Celebration

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Add a love twist and let your child experience these holidays on a different level of fun.

Now, as you celebrate February especially 

  • National Fly a Kite Day
  • National Pizza Day
  • Umbrella Day
  • National Inventor Day for Women of Science
  • Chinese New Year, and
  • Lincoln’s Day

It’s easy to incorporate them into your lessons through this workbook.

Our Valentine’s Celebration workbook allows you to:

  • Group all February celebrations into one interactive workbook
  • Include “valentines - themed” lessons seamlessly into your discussion
  • Make kids appreciate the significance of each identified holidays
  • Enhance cultural and societal consciousness amongst children

This will allow you, as a teacher or a parent to:

  • Develop socially aware children
  • Enhance learning by making it more relevant
  • Strengthen community ties of your children
  • Appreciate significant holidays
  • Give honor to significant people who made the world a better place

Make teaching February holidays super easy with this workbook!


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