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Word Problems Test Prep Math

Word Problems Test Prep Math

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Practice basic math and show what you know! Test Prep Math Word Problems card deck combines quiz-play with math word problems. These Challenge Cards® are handy to have on hand to build math skills anytime.

Quiz yourself or quiz a friend! The no-see-through cards are great for math practice however you use them. Color-coding by topic makes it easy for learners to focus where it’s most helpful.

Bright, colorful cards make math feel approachable and the quick play ideas give practice a playful spin for kids in grades 1 to 3. Prepare for testing, supplement distance learning, and build kids’ confidence through practice. It’s a go-to set for word problem practice at home, in school, or in after-school programs.

  • BRING FUN TO SKILL BUILDING – Practice addition and subtraction while solving these word problems. Whether studying or using for quiz-play, the variety of questions, scenarios, and pictures in this flash card set makes solving math word problems interesting.

  • The two-sided quiz cards feature 110 questions for lots of opportunities for kids to practice sorting information and identifying clues to solve each problem. Use for independent study, create trivia games, or play the included Tic-Tac-Toe game for practice that’s fresh and fun.

  • VERSATILE LEARNING – Math topics include: time, money, measurement, charts & graphs, and algebraic thinking on color-coded, sortable cards. Separate the five topics to build on skills one at a time. Then, divide cards into what you’ve mastered and what’s left to learn to make practice focused and meaningful. The volume of word problems (110 in the deck) makes this great for reading aloud or handing them out for individual practice at home, in classrooms, and homeschools.

  • FLEXIBLE FOR MANY AGES & ABILITIES – The open-ended card deck invites teachers, parents, and caregivers to tailor math practice to a learner’s needs. Self-checking word problems make it easy for kids to use on their own, with a friend, or with an adult’s help.

  • TAKE LEARNING ON THE GO – Sturdy, portable box can go anywhere! Small package easily fits in backpacks, bags, or purses as an easy way to make math practice happen anywhere – quiz each other in restaurants, waiting rooms, during travel, and more.

  • BOX CONTAINS – 55 question cards (110 word problems) and 1 activity instruction card included. 3 1/8 inch x 5¼ inch cards have a rounded corner for easy sorting. Durable, no-see-through cards hold up to many uses and answers don’t show through to the reverse side.

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