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The EDU Station

Zoo All in one counting workbook

Zoo All in one counting workbook

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Brand: The EDU - Station

Material: Regular Material

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Is your young learner in need of Math reinforcement lessons?

Need a better, more fun way of introducing Math concepts with animals your kids' love?

Do you want to find a way to lessen the learning curve and maximize Math learning time?

Safari Adventure Math Workbook can help you out!

We proudly present our workbook where: 

  • You will find engaging and educational pages…
  • Fun and engaging counting activities…
  • Cute safari animals and zoo animals to help make learning Math more engaging…
  • Be assured of high-quality content and best quality book paper…
  • Makes a great birthday or other special occasion present too! 

Inside you will find:

  • Multiple pages of assorted activities, no duplication of pages!
  • Colorful and relatable activities
  • Fun and engaging pictures
  • Attention-grabbing yet simple layout to help keep your learner’s focus
  • Suitable sized fonts and writing spaces

You can let your toddler do all the activities or do it together. With large and detailed pictures kids (and even adults) will enjoy. 

Of course, it’s 3x CHEAPER than other counting workbooks out there.

Definitely worthy of your investment for your toddler’s learning! 


Every time you buy from us, you help send Ma’ya and Ja’Shawn to college.

 Our family-owned business has one goal: through our products, we will be able to raise funds so that our kids will not be burdened by college debt once they go to school. 

All the profits we raise in this endeavor will be channeled to their college savings fund. 

Thank you so much for supporting our business!

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